MMA Legends: George St. Pierre

Canada is a very cold country, with an-inhabited areas and one of the world’s wealthiest economies. We could easily expect their sports star to be a hockey player or a mountaineer, but the truth is that Canada’s most […]

How to aply a omoplata

The Omoplata (meaning scapula in Portuguese) is one of the most common finishing games in Jiu-Jitsu. It is also very much used in MMA for guard passes and scrape grips. It becomes even more challenging when fighters are […]

The five steps for a perfect arm-lock

Arm-lock is one of the most effective techniques to finish a Jiu-Jitsu fight. So effective that many MMA fighters have been adopting it! Therefore we want to share with you some hints on how to execute it. The […]

The MMA Emperor: Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki is presently the greatest MMA fighter in Japan. He is a judo and jiu-jitsu expert, a veteran of renowned events and a champion of memorable fights against other famous competitors. Aoki also holds four belts from […]


We have already talked here about Whey Protein and all the benefits it brings to your health. We went to the market to find out the most efficient Whey Proteins available. We now share with you our findings […]


As the most known and popular dietary supplement in the market today, Whey Protein is, basically, the protein of whey, obtained during the milk processing  for cheese production. There are three variations of Whey protein: Concentrate, Hydrolysate and […]

Calisthenics, Towards the Top. 3 of 3

We have already provided you with theoretical and practical information in order to introduce you to this amazing sport. Today we are here to tell you how far you can reach. Certainly, the simpler way to show it […]

Calisthenics: practicing. 2 of 3

Some days ago, we talked here about Calisthenics. Now we are going to share some suggestions that may help your training. Outstanding short time gains are related to intense agonist and antagonist muscles performed simultaneously (agonist muscles are […]

Calisthenics,know about it. 1 of 3

You have probably been to a park where people were performing physical activities, such as running, arm bending, abs, pull-up bar and slosh pipe exercises. Well, we are here to let you know that, when combined, that variety […]

For a 2015 full of belts!

The year two thousand and fourteen may not have been the best ever for the UFC Brazilian fighters, since Anderson Silva and Renan Barão lost their belts. However, Brazil has always been a source of martial arts stars […]

4 pre-workout tips

We have already talked about the benefits music can bring to your training. It enhances motivation and improves your performance. Today we want to show you another way to boost your motivation: the Pre-training. Pre-training is a nutritional […]

Health paths: the diet

We have mentioned previously the importance of eating something every three hours. Now let us give you some inputs on dieting. Dieting stands for individual eating habits. The choice of the food we eats are influenced by medical, […]

Five Hints for a good performance in Jiu-Jitsu

The Jiu-Jitsu martial art does not have a clear origin. It was refined in the ancient samurai schools and its movements are twists, levers and the application of pressure to overcome opponents. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style was created […]

Kickboxing + shoes = Savate

Savate is a French word standing for ‘old boot’. It is a martial art created around 1790 by members of the French Army. At that time, it became a common street fight. Known also as ‘French Boxing’, it […]

Advantages of the outdoor training

Did you know that health clubs have been moving conventional training classes to parks? As summer approaches, both fitness clubs and parks start being crowded. No doubt, the weather and time changes make it easier for workers to […]

Know everything about the Noble Art: Boxing

Some research studies indicate that several decades ago men used to fight by using only their hands to confront each other. Evidences also point out that those practices started in Ancient Greece and Rome, where fights were sometimes […]

Do you know what muscular hypertrophy is?

Hypertrophy is the increase of the size of body organs caused by incremented cells functions. It requires significant physical efforts. Moreover, it only occurs if the oxygen and nutrients supply can meet additional cells exigencies and enzymatic systems […]

Know the true story of capoeira.

Capoeira’s origin has always been a matter of discussion: is it from Africa or Brazil? It is a martial art combining fight and dance and was created by African slaves. The story goes that the slave masters forbade […]

The incredible story of Yip Man

When we read about Bruce Lee, we immediately encounter a very special name: Yip Man. There are still doubts concerning when they really met. However, Bruce Lee’s learnings are credited to Man, who left an invaluable legacy for […]

Body combat, the practice that mixes several martial arts

Body Combat – All mixed together Body Combat is an exercise that brings together several martial arts. It mixes blows and movements from Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kick Boxing and Muai Thay. It is very much appreciated by people willing […]

Did you know that 70% of our training results come from a correct nutrition?

There are several myths about the right food to eat before training, mas it is always good to remember that an empty sack cannot stand upright. It is not a healthy practice to perform physical activities without feeding […]

Know the history of the belt system in Martial Arts

Did you know that in the old times the color belts were not part of the tradition of martial arts? In Ancient China, when some of the martial arts appeared, students did not use any symbols to denote […]

Weightlifting x Functional training: how to choose the ideal exercise?

If you disembarked for a journey through time, straight from the 80s, you surely would be surprised with this phenomenon called functional training. The mode of exercise, which generates 2.5 million results in a quick search on the […]

Can women also train heavy?

The desired body by men and women has changed over the years. Centuries ago, most chubby people were considered those who had the most dreamed and desired body. At the end of the last century, was extremely slender […]

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All you need to know about crossfit

The CrossFit  is a strength and overall fitness program based on functional movements done at high intensity and constantly varied training. Usually these movements happens in three different types: Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic or cardio conditioning. The CrossFit method […]

5 facts about MMA that no one knows

1 The MMA has strict safety rules A common misconception about MMA is that it anything  would be allowed, probably due to the early days of MMA, as well as other less regulated sports world of martial arts. […]

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